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Friday, 26 November 2010

Barry Gardiner MP on Israel-Palestine

I summarise below the views expressed by Barry Gardiner MP for Brent North when I lobbied him on the Palestinian issue on November 24th 2010:
  • Supports lifting of siege of Gaza and has stated this publicly.
  • Has condemned Israel's action in Gaza and as ex-vice Chair of Labour Friends of Israel was criticised by some constituents for his condemnation.
  • Claims Marvi Marwara was not carrying aid and that those on board were seeking to provoke an Israeli response but says Israeli action was disproportionate.
  • Supports two state solution and pressed me to give personal/Brent PSC/National PSC position for or against.
  • Similarly supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state and pressed me for our position.
  • Won't sign EDM 124 on  European relations with Israel as issue too complex to be encapsulated in an EDM. Such EDMs do no one any favours.
  • Said Livni application under Universal Jurisdiction was not serious and done for publicity. Such appplications only need prima facie evidence and should need weightier evidence and be dealt with at a more senior legal level. Wouldn't support political decision on such applications but then noted politicians often also have a legal role. He awaits government proposals to form a view.
  • Question's democratic credentials of Hamas's election but thinks eventual negotiation with them is inevitable.
  • Condemns neighbouring Arab states' treatment of Palestinians within their borders and they way they have used them and their conditions as a stick with which to beat Israel. Several could have used their great wealth to help the Palestinians.
Sarah Teather MP (Brent Central) and Glenda Jackson (Hampstead and Kilburn) are also to be lobbied on the issue and we will post their views here.
 Martin Francis, Chair, Brent PSC

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  1. I wholeheartedly support Barry Gardiner's position on the Palestine-Israel situation. I believe there should be a cessation of hostilities on both sides to enable negotiation of a new agreement and a two state solution. However from the coverage in the media it seems that that Israel is taking extreme military action and as a consequence thousands of civillians are being killed, injured and unable to live in safety in Gaza. I believe the level of this action by Israel is wrong and unwarranted.