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Saturday, 1 October 2011

British High Court rules that Detention of Raed Salah was Unlawful

Mr Justice Nicol, a High Court judge ruled on Friday that Shaykh Raed Salah’s detention by the British government was illegal during its early part and that he is entitled to damages to cover that period.
Shaykh Raed arrived in Britain on a speaking tour on 25th June. He was arrested on June 28th after having addressed various audiences including within the House of Lords. It has since emerged that the Home Secretary’s Exclusion Order followed advice received from the Community Security Trust and the Home Secretary took a mere 17 minutes to decide on excluding Shaykh Raed from Britain.
The evidences presented against Shaykh Raed were not corroborated, nor investigated to any meaningful degree.
Ismail Patel, Chair of Friends of Al-Aqsa stated, ‘It is greatly concerning that our Home Secretary has proven herself willing to limit an individual’s basic freedom’s without verifying the so called evidence being presented to her. It is doubly alarming that this evidence was presented by a group with an obvious pro-Israel bias.”
“It is the British taxpayers who will have to foot the bill for the Home Secretary’s’ ill informed and brash decision. It is us who are paying for the soaring legal fees and compensation surrounding this case making this all the more damning” he further stated.
The Home Secretary acted against the advice received from Home Office officials who repeatedly told her that they were of the view that he was ‘not an abscond risk’, ‘will cooperate fully’ and that the accusations against him were ‘contested and open to challenge’.
Instead of heeding the calls of her trusted advisors, the Home Secretary appears to have relied instead on the Community Security Trust. This brings into question the Home Secretary’s motives in dealing with Shaykh Raed Salah in this disgraceful manner.
On the back of government action Brent Council cancelled an event at Brent Town Hall at which Shaykh Raed was due to speak.
 We are grateful to Friends of Al-Alqsa for this information

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