Occupation Map

Occupation Map

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Veolia should be dumped by Brent

The Dump Veolia Campaign lead a demonstration outside the Natural History Museum on 23rd October 2010 to protest against Veolia's sponsorship of the Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition at the Natural History Museum.

Veolia is Brent Council's waste management contractor. Brent PSC believes that councillors should be aware of Veolia's activities in Israel before considering the renewal of its contract.

Veolia still holds shares in the Jerusalem Light Railway project which the UN Human Rights Council has declared is a "clear violation of international law", despite the recent announcement that it was selling its shares to Egged. The tram line runs across stolen Palestinian land connecting illegal Israel settlements and West Jerusalem thereby helping consolidating the occupation.

Veolia also runs bus services to the settlements on roads Palestinians are barred from using despite the fact that they are built on their land.

Veolia's shameful crimes in Palestine also include the Tovlan landfill site it operates in the occupied Jordan Valley where it helps Israel dump its toxic waste on to Palestinian land next to the Palestinian village of Abu Ajaj.

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