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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Help put this film, and Palestine, in the limelight

They came in the morning - Virgin Media Shorts

A message from film maker Leila Sansour

 I  have started putting out short films that are born out of the longer film I have been making about Bethlehem. These shorts might not make the final  cut but they are strong stand alone pieces. The following short "They came in the morning" is filmed in Walaja and the man who features in it really broke my heart. The short has been entered into Virgin's shorts competition. It is unusual for a film like this to be out there against other more commercial films. All films have to be two minutes long. The judges will now shortlist 12 of them and a 13th film will be selected following the public vote. All selected films will be shown in cinemas all over the country and beyond (including on Virgin flights)  and will be entitled to a further prize, one of which, will again be selected by the public. This is an opportunity to do an effective direct action by clicking few buttons so I hope you will all feel moved to do it. The deadline is the 19th of July so please make sure to do it before then. 
How to vote: 
Every time you share 'They Came in the Morning', you give the film a vote: and the film with the most votes gets the lucky 13th place on the shortlist. How to do this.

1)  visit the site and 'like' the film on Facebook
2) visit the site and share on Twitter
3) Or simply tweet - but remember to include the film's name, and the hashtag #ShortsLucky13
Every time you watch a film and pass it on - via Facebook and Twitter - you'll be helping nudge it into the limelight.
Thank you so much to all of you
Leila Sansour

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