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Monday, 18 August 2014

The full list of signatories to Tricycle Theatre support letter

As the local newspapers did not publish the full list of names on our letter of support for the Tricycle Theatre's originakl decision not to accept Israeli government funding for the UK Jewish Film Festival we repoduced the letter and the signatures below. As you will see signatories include local councillors, well known activists, local residents and people of all religions and none, including Jews, Christians and Muslims.
We, the undersigned, activists and local residents, support the decision of the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn not to accept funding for the UK Jewish Film Festival (UKJFF) from the Israeli Embassy due to the ongoing war in Gaza. The theatre has hosted this film festival for the past eight years, and has a broad and inclusive repertoire that reflects its location in one of the most multi-ethnic and religiously pluralist parts of the country. Brent is also one of the most tolerant and diverse with a rich cultural heritage made up of people from various backgrounds. 

The theatre has decided not to “accept funding from any party to the current conflict” and has offered to provide funding with "money from our own resources". We hope that the chair of the festival will retract his decision to withdraw so that the UKJFF can go ahead at this venue, which remains at the cutting edge of artistic production in the UK, tackles a wide variety of issues and embraces many cultures and communities. The decision cannot be construed as anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish or political, but a cultural boycott of a party that currently stands accused of war crimes by the UN and potential genocide by other agencies. It is a humanitarian gesture that should be applauded and emulated elsewhere.
Abbie Spallen
Abe Hayeem
Aisha Maniar
Aisling MacSweeney
Alberto Zerda-Noriego
Andrew Papworth
Ann Drinkell
Anna Dolezal
Anna Ferrie
Armine Mouffok
Asa Winstanley
Ashok Sethi
Audrey Bomse
Ayse Hassan
Basma Elshayyal
Beatrix Campbell
Beryl Maizels
Beverley Lyn-shue
Charlie Pottins
Christine McLeod
Cllr Ahmad Shahzad
Cllr Aslam Choudry
Cllr Claudia Hector
Corinne Mullin
Dave Statham
David Berridge
David Kay
Diana Neslen
Diane Robin
Dr Hamza Hamouchene
Dr RF Leao Neto
Dr Yonit Percival
Faduma Hassan
Faical Ragbi
Frances Ellery
Gerry Downing
Graham Barratt
Graham Durham
Hazel Chelqi
Hiadee-Laurie Giles
Ian Saville
Ibrahim Taguri (Brent Central Lib Dem PCC)
Ilana Machover
Jacqui Brown
Jamie Ritchie
Jane Bell
Jane Bell
Jenny Doble
Jenny Morgan
Joanthan Boud
John Snelling
John Tymon
Judit Druks
Judith Jones
Khalida Khan
Kam Datta
Karin Barratt
Kate McLean
Lane Atwood
Leena Dhingra
Leon Rosselson
Leslie Safran Barson
Linda Reid
Lionel Morrison OBE
Liz Floyd
Liz Lindsay
Liz Morrison
Liz Rowland
Luca Salice
Maha Rahwanji
Maree Shaw
Margaret Mann
Margaret Mann
Margery Hancock
Marie Lynam
Martin Francis
Mary Holmes
Meg Graham
Mehrzad Mazkoory
Mike Baker
Mike Griffin
Mike Phipps
Mona Bani
Mona Mansour
Moshe Machover
Nadia Idle
Natalie Holmes
Neil Walsh
Pam Lawrence
Paul Scott
Pete Firmin
Rahila Gupta
Ratha Lehall
Ravinder Randhawa
Riva Joffe
Roaa Al -Hassan
Rosamine Hayeem
Rukhsana Ahmad
Ruth Teddern
S. Albertson
S. Sharkey
Sarah Cox
Shane McKenna
Sharly Kibbat
Sheila Robin
Steven Payne
Sujata Arora
Tamara Abood
Tessa van Gelderen
Theresa Peters
Tom Grosvenor
Tony Traub
Txus Santacara
Viv Stein
Zainab al -Shariff
Zainab Maniar

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