Occupation Map

Occupation Map

Thursday, 29 November 2018

3,000 lobby their MPs on Palestinian child prisoners and arms ban

The Ambassador for Palestine speaks at the Palestine Lobby

Three thousand people contacted their MPs yesterday at a mass lobby of Parliament.  Their focus was securing government action on the issue of Israel's detention and maltreatment of Palestinian child prisoners and a stopping the bilateral arms trade with Israel.

Warm reception at for speaker who have done so much to raise abuse of Palestinian children - 'Something as a union and as teachers we could not ignore. This is institutionalised abuse. Families living in a vortex of fear.'

 . working with refugee children in UK thought she had seen everything then went to . Says has come a long way. Recognition of Palestine is a 'right to be realised' not a concession. Time to

 'As the going gets harder (in the Palestinian struggle) we are going to get LOUDER!' says of supporters in Parliament.

 . speaking at calls for and congratulates for their tireless week in, week out, campaigning. Important that people in UK are campaigning for lifting of the blockade

 . reiterated the UK must press for end of Israel's military detention of children

 Emily Thornberry flanked by Caroline Lucas MP and Lisa Nandy MP

  says essential question how many more generations of Palestinian children must grow up under occupation in fear and violence ?

 . says once in government will immediately recognise state of Palestine. Shame on UN that Israel has ignored resolutions on illegal occupation and settlements. Will call for action and pursue 2 state solution.

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