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Occupation Map

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

PSC take legal action against Co-op Bank for closing accounts

PSC along with 20 local groups working for Palestine (including 10 PSC branches) have had their bank accounts unilaterally closed by the Co-operative bank. The reason? The Co-op bank say they've changed their "risk appetite". Apparently Palestinian human rights are too "risky" for the Co-operative bank.

Well we're not having it. Today we've launched a legal case against the Co-operative bank calling this what it is - discrimination.  As well as taking legal action we need you to stand with us and show the Co-op bank that campaigning for Palestinian human rights shouldn't be punished.

If you have an account with the Co-op bank, write to tell them you're closing it because of their actions

So many of us opened our accounts with the Co-operative Bank because they market themselves as an ethical alternative. Professing their moral high ground in their ethical policy they proclaim to act with "honesty and transparency," to treat their "customers fairly" and to believe in "promoting human rights and equality". Well there is little evidence of any of these principles today.

They have chosen to close the accounts of 20 organisations working for human rights and equality for Palestinians - and they have offered no honest or transparent explanation, only citing the banking jargon "risk appetite".

It is quite clear the Co-operative Bank no longer cares about human rights - the Palestinians suffer incursions on their human rights day in, day out at the hands of an occupying military force that continues to violate international law. In the UK we have a great tradition of solidarity organisations coming together to stand against human rights violations throughout the world - this is something that the Co-operative Bank should support, not punish.

To those who still bank with the Co-op because of their ethical principles - it seems they have turned their bank on their ethics, so we are asking you to turn your back on them.

Close your Co-op bank account and write to them to tell them why.

For suggestions of alternative banks, visit www.moveyourmoney.org.uk. While their ethical banking page still lists the Co-op (don't worry we're writing to them about this) they do offer other alternative options.

Moving bank account is a big decision - and we know it can be a real pain! But we need to show big businesses they can't profit off of fake ethics. If they believe in human rights and equality - that includes Palestine too.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Palestinian medical experts refused entry to UK for conference - please write to your MP

From PSC 

Dear friend

The UK Government is facing fierce condemnation from campaigners for refusing permission for Palestinian medical experts to attend an academic conference.

Five Palestinian medical experts had their visas refused by the British Authorities.
Anecdotally it appears that an increasing number of Palestinians are having their visas to the UK refused by the British Government.

Write to your MP and ask them to protest against this decision and to call for a review of our visa arrangements with Israel and Palestine

One of those denied entry was a psychologist from Bethlehem. An Israeli from the illegal settlement of Har Homa - about half a mile from Bethlehem - would have been able to enter the UK freely without even applying for a British visa.

It is not as easy for UK citizens to visit Israel as it for Israeli settlers to visit the UK. The UK Government is failing to publicly protest against British citizens being prevented from entering Israel and the Palestinian territories. And the Israeli Parliament is threatening to pass a law banning supporters of boycott  from travelling to Israel or - in effect - the occupied territories.

Write to your MP today and ask them to protest against:

Palestinians being prevented from travelling to the UK, with reference to these medical experts prevented from attending this academic conference

Israeli settlers being given free rein to travel to the UK

The growing threat of UK citizens being denied entry to the occupied Palestinian territories to see the situation for themselves
Please write to your MP today and ask for your MP to protest.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Nov 15th: “Can there be peace in the Holy Land?”: A talk given by Sir Vincent Fean, Retired British Consul General, Jerusalem

From  The London Inter Faith Centre

November 15, 2015 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
London Inter Faith Centre
Saint Annes & Saint Andrews Church
125 Salusbury Road, London NW6 6RG
Donation £5
Laurence Hillel
The first of a series of talks on Global issues on Sunday evenings.
After a long career in the British Diplomatic Service, Sir Vincent Fean retired in early 2014 as Consul General, Jerusalem. That post entailed promoting UK interests and dealing with President Abbas, the PLO leadership and Ministers of the Palestinian Authority. Before his 3 year Jerusalem posting, Vincent was British Ambassador to Libya (2006–‐10) and High Commissioner to Malta (2002–‐06), where he was knighted by Her Majesty the Queen in 2005.  Vincent is a trustee of the British charity Medical Aid for Palestinians, and patron of the Britain Palestine Friendship and Twinning Network. He advocates UK Government and European recognition of the State of Palestine, as a step towards a just and peaceful end to The Occupation begun in 1967, and fulfilment of the aim of two states – Israel and Palestine – living side by side in mutual security.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Upcoming Brent and Harrow PSC Meetings

Joint Brent STW and Brent  & Harrow PSC Meeting
How can there be Peace in Palestine/Israel?
Speaker: John Rose [Author of The Myths of Zionism]
Monday, November 9th at 7.30pm
 Brent Trades Hall (London Apollo Club)
375 High Rd, Willesden, NW10 2JR
[It’s very close to Willesden Bus Garage, buses 6, 52, 98, 226, 260,
266, 302, 460 and just five minutes’ walk from Dollis Hill
Jubilee Line station]

Meeting organised by Brent Friends of Palestine
373,000 children in Gaza need therapeutic support as a result of years of conflict.  (UNICEF 2015)
Help Brent Friends of Palestine raise funds to buy a bus for the Palestine Trauma Centre.
Come and hear   David  Harrold,  Chair of Palestine Trauma Centre
Songs by Leon Rosselson
Tuesday 10th November at 7.30pm
North London Tavern
375 Kilburn Park Rd
Kilburn Jubilee Line     Brondesbury  Overground
Buses 16,32,189,316,332

Meeting organised by Brent & Harrow  PSC,  Brent STW & An-Nisa
Prevent:  Protecting our Liberties
December 10th 
Speakers invited Bill Bolloten (Education not Surveillance)
Khalida Khan (An-Nisa)
Rob Ferguson (NUT)
Malia Bouattia (NUS)
Kiri Tuks (PSC)
Shahrar Ali (Brent Green Party)
Cllr James Denselow (Lead Member for Stronger Communities)
Further details later